The main gamescreen & UI.

"Puzzle Train" - Facebook game.

Storyboards for the opening cutscene.

Storyboards for the opening cutscene.

Story dialogue.

Story dialogue.


Several years back I worked with a friend to produce a Facebook game. He coded everything, we worked on game design together, and I handled writing, character design, and art duties (enlisting a designer pal to handle design duties and another friend to help with coloring and drawing environment/backgrounds).


The game was akin to the 'Professor Layton' series, where the player is presented with a series of puzzles to solve. There was a storyline and social elements where you could request help from friends. 

We learned a lot from putting this game together and running it once it was up. It was a fun project and great excuse for us to explore game design and production.

Game Design & Art Direction by Dave Young and myself.

Character designs and art by me.

UI Design by Geoff Wagner.

Coloring and background art by Rob Osborne.