Engine gnomes. Like the cobbler's elves, I imagine they sneak into the garage at night to help finish repair and restoration projects. Or maybe sometimes they screw things up. That's gnomes, for ya...

I actually think this piece is funnier with the black bar.

Various personal work.

Logo for a personal project.

When you need REAL power, you need a TURBOCUBE. Patent pending. Pending on me actually figuring out how to build one.

I grew up around tractors, old trucks, and lots of small two-stroke-engined tools (weed whackers, lawn mowers, rotary cut-off saws, yadda yadda). When I was a teenager, my brother and I started working on old cars with our dad.

To this day, cars, engines, mechanicals, etc. are some of my favorite things to draw. In keeping with my style, I often inject a bit of fantasy into my mechanical drawings or just make up mechanicals that never existed.