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Monday, March 10, 2008

STAPLE! Austin 2008

STAPLE! 2008
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Yessss. Had a fabulous trip to Austin (my yearly trip out there) for the STAPLE show once again.

Photo courtesy of the benevolent David Hopkins.

Rob Osborne ( and I manned a table, drew a bunch of sketches, sold a bunch of books, and had a bunch of fun. Can't wait for next year's show.

My thanks to everyone that came out, stopped by to say hi, gave some nice words about Scurvy Dogs or American Space Ninja, or asked when new material was coming out.

Every time I'm out there, it seems like I meet new fans of the books, which is a tribute, of course, to the love we're shown in Austin by Austin Books ( and The Rogues Gallery ( So thanks again to Brad, Brandon, Dave, Randy, and, finally, Uncle Staple himself.

I'll post a gallery of the weekend's sketches, as soon as I get the pix back from Mr. Osborne.


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